Sunday, March 30, 2008

Utah Fun!

Alright, I said it - Utah's fun...SOMETIMES! Haha. As much as I'd love to be at home in sunny California, we have been making the most of our current situation in Utah. Here's a picture of what we looked like after this amazing Hindu Festival we went to this weekend. Basically thousands of people come and throw colored chalk up in the air (which pretty much turns into a chalk fight). I have no idea what we were celebrating but it was pretty much amazing.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


It's true, I turned 23 this's a pic from having birthday dinner with the girls! Not quite the same as being at home, but we still had a blast!!

<3 Tori

Wedding day Fun!

The family pictures begin!
George & Randi & Rori!
Angie and her friend Andrew!

Grandpa is trying to teach Kurt how the Karate Kid stands!Bryan, Ashley and Ava! They should have a new addition in a couple of weeks!
LUKE Squared! Luke Keniter and Luke Henrie! 
Eric and Camile and Luke! Drove all the way from El Paso!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Family Weddings!

Blake & Melissa our June Wedding!Cheese!
Sisters!!! Yep Jen is finally showing a little!
A cousin gathering! Morgan, Brianna, Brian, John, Amber, Erin & Derek
The Happy couple at the Temple!

Brian & Brianna! Our next family wedding in May!Tori Snagged the bridal bouquet!
Dad, Grandma Great & Kurt! 
Mark & Devon enjoying the reception!
Ken, Kristin & baby Olivia!